about us

The company designs and produces commissioned furniture and interior objects, including desks, tables, cupboards, bookcases, chairs and kitchens.
The furniture distinguishes itself through its simplicity of form, proportion, subtlety, functionality and attention to detail.
The furniture and products are designed and manufactured with love and care. Of a high priority in their making is that the objects are produced in a refined and precise manner. This involves a considerable amount of patience and time on my behalf. 
The company is entering a new phase in its development. After fifteen years experience of working with a broad selection of materials, I will be refining my choice to plywood, solid woods and veneers on plywood.
During the design and production process considerable thought is taken in the development of the object, whereby unseen problems are solved with the same care and attention as the general process of the making.
During the production of the piece I invite the client to visit the workshop and send photos of its development to keep the client informed of the work’s development. 
After discussion and consideration with the client,
effective changes can be carried out before the work is delivered or installed.
Some products are only available through my workshop or website. These are pieces from small production series, with a possibility of alterations to suit a clients need. If such pieces are not in stock they can be made to order.
The workshop is situated in the Westelijke Houthavens, in Amsterdam, within a larger workshop where other various interior and furniture designers are gathered under the name “Cooperatie Loods”. The workshop is expansive and is equipped with an extensive array of modern production machinery.
Prospective clients can make an appointment for an orientation discussion, normally in the environment for the prospective furniture. A second appointment would involve a sketch of the design and an estimate of its cost. In the case of an uncompleted commission the sketch remains the property of the company.